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Rae Wiley Joseph August 24, 2009

Dear Laura and Madison,


The website is beautiful. I am so grateful that you did this so that I could see pictures of Wiley and be a part of your celebration of his life and mourning of his death. It is horribly painful and yet beautiful, and I am thankful that you have created this window for me to grieve with you.





Angie Missing Wiley August 8, 2009
Dearest Laura,

Your memorial website is absolutely gorgeous. Wiley is so very beautiful, and I am just so very sorry for your loss. I know how difficult it is not having an medical reason for your loss. It is the same for our Lucy. Remembering Wiley.

With much love,
Maggie Bromley Wiley's Tree July 27, 2009
Dear Laura and Madison:
I just want you to know that Wiley's tree is growing well in Cherokee Park in Louisville, Kentucky.   When your mother was here recently, we went to the park and I showed her the grove where it is planted and how well it is growing. Hopefully her pictures will develop well.
Your web page tribute to Wiley is most moving and dear.  Your love to him shows in every way.  Do know that you both are in my thoughts often.
With love,
Kandis What a wonderful tribute! June 27, 2009
I absolutely love what you have both done to honor your beautiful little boy! Know that you will forever be in my heart!!! Wiley and Isaiah are up in Heaven playing and getting dirty like little boys do!

All my love,
Kandis and ~Isaiah~
Lani Wiley's makin' me cry at work June 26, 2009
Just now having a chance to look at the site.

You did such a wonderful job with it. It's so great. Thanks for making this.

I miss Wiley and always will.

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